– @UNWomen: « Prostitution introduces a form of legalization of rape »

Resources on PROSTITUTION: In this section we use some of the translations from our ex group RESSOURCES PROSTITUTION’s website. Do not hesitate to consult it, we have published more than 350 texts and translations, as well as many resources on the sex industry: https://ressourcesprostitution.wordpress.com

@UNWomen: « Prostitution introduces a form of legalization of rape »

ressourcesprostitution / October 24, 2016

Submission from the Femme&Libre Association to the consultation on the UN Women approach to sex work, sex trade, and prostitution.

September 2016


By Lise Bouvet, political scientist, philosopher, member of Femme&Libre and co founder of the Ressources Prostitution collective, an international network of women denouncing the sex industry. [1]

For the Femme&Libre Association, Yael Mellul, President, association Bill 1901 combating violence against women, 66 avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris, France. [2]

This submission (1,495 words, excluding notes and appendices) to the UN Women consultation is based on our cross expertise on sexual violence against women and the prostitution system, in the continuation of our interventions[3] in favor of the French legislation of April 13, 2016 [4].


[1] https://ressourcesprostitution.wordpress.com/

[2] http://yaelmellul.livehost.fr/

[3] http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/yael-mellul/pourquoi-la-france-sapprete-a-penaliser-les-clients-de-prostituees_b_9586280.html + http://www.huffingtonpost.com/yael-mellul/why-france-is-adopting-a-_b_9635988.html


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