– SURROGACY: Words to avoid saying it…

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SURROGACY: Words to avoid saying it…*

by Eliette Abécassis (eliette-abecassis.com), writer and philosopher


Marie-Anne Frison-Roche (mafr.fr), University Professor of Law

The destruction of a world is done using language. Newspeak was decried by George Orwell in his novel 1984. The concept of inventing language to impose a new world order is as follows: reduce the number of words in a language, prevent citizens from thinking, in order to create a new reality to which they are now subjected. The disappearance of words in a language allows for a simplification of the world, preventing any critical idea from even coming about in the brain without the need for any order being given and quietly establishing a totalitarian society.

We can see this destruction at work in the disappearance of the word « mother » in the discourse by promoters of « surrogacy ».
In French, the acronym itself, GPA (‘gestation…

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